Haufe-Lexware Mitarbeiter Vertriebsinnendienst in Voll- oder Teilzeit (m/w/d)  | Type: Full-time  | Employment period: Unlimited  |  Munich  | Marketing & Sales
Haufe Akademie Produktmanager (m/w/d) für Data Science & UX Trainings  | Type: Full-time  | Employment period: Unlimited  |  Freiburg  | Editorial & Media Production
Haufe-Lexware Frontend Developer (m/w/d) Design Platform, Web Components  | Type: Full-time  | Employment period: Unlimited  |  Freiburg  | Technology & Development
Schäffer-Poeschel Werkstudent Marketing (m/w/d)  | Type: Part-time  | Employment period: Limited  |  Stuttgart  | Marketing & Sales
Haufe-Lexware Marketing Automation Manager (m/w/d) lexoffice  | Type: Full-time  | Employment period: Unlimited  |  Freiburg  | Marketing & Sales
Haufe-Lexware Customer Success Manager Lohn (m/w/d) lexoffice  | Type: Full-time  | Employment period: Unlimited  |  Freiburg  | Marketing & Sales
Haufe Akademie Werkstudent:in Veranstaltungsmanagement - Präsenz und virtuell (m/w/d)  | Type: Part-time  | Employment period: Limited  |  Freiburg  | Project Management
Haufe Akademie Werkstudent:in im Bereich Digital Learning Solutions (m/w/d)  | Type: Part-time  | Employment period: Limited  |  Freiburg  | People & Organization
Haufe-Lexware Werkstudent:in (m/w/d) Marketing  | Type: Part-time  | Employment period: Limited  |  Freiburg  | Marketing & Sales
Haufe Akademie Fachkraft (m/w/d) Vendor Management (Teilzeit 20h/Woche)  | Type: Part-time  | Employment period: Limited  |  Freiburg  | People & Organization

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